We can export fishes to worldwide.

If you are interested in our fish, please contact us by email. We can offer the detail for you.

Before we ship fishes that will be not feed about 2 days to avoid pollution of the transport water.

All fish are packed specifically by SOP.

How to order the fishes?

To process your order we need following informations:

• Please order by email.
• Following informations have to be contented:
- Your Company Name
- Your phone number and website
- Your Location (Country and destination of airport)
- List of the order fishes, quantity

Regulations for international shipments:

1. Please advance payment on fish, packing charge, handling and freight.
2. Live arrival is guaranteed. Losses have to be objected within 12 hours after receiving the shipment by email.
3. Losses over 10% will be substituted with the next shipment.
4. We do not guarantee live arrival if the flight is delayed or if any other problems appear by causes that we cannot influence.
5. Freight rate depends on your airport of destination - please ask for your special freight rate.
6. We guarantee highest quality of all fishes being shipped out.